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Unleash the arcane with Blood of the Magickian, a magickal ink unlike any other. Crafted with meticulous precision and infused with the essence of ancient mysticism, this ink is a testament to the power of the occult. It combines the potent energy of finely crafted Dragon's Blood resin with the mystical allure of Aleister Crowley's revered oil of Abramelin.

Key Features:

  • Dragon's Blood Resin: This legendary resin, harvested from the sacred dragon tree, has been used for centuries in magickal rituals. It is renowned for its ability to enhance spiritual connection, protection, and manifestation.
  • Oil of Abramelin: Named after the medieval grimoire "The Book of Abramelin," this oil carries the wisdom of the ages. It is believed to amplify the potency of spells, invocations, and manifestations, making it an essential tool for any magickian.


  • Amplified Magickal Power: Harness the ancient and potent energies of Dragon's Blood resin and Aleister Crowley's oil of Abramelin to amplify your magickal workings.
  • Enhanced Intentions: Infuse your spells, incantations, and sigils with a deeper level of intent and purpose, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Spiritual Connection: Connect with the spiritual realms and your higher self with the aid of Dragon's Blood resin, a resin revered for its ability to bridge the mundane and the mystical.

How to Use:

  1. Dip your quill, brush, or pen into the Blood of the Magickian ink, allowing it to absorb the magickal energies within.
  2. As you write or draw your symbols, incantations, or intentions on parchment, paper, or any appropriate surface, focus your intent and allow the ink to enhance your magickal work.
  3. Use the ink for sigil crafting, spell writing, journaling, or creating sacred texts.
  4. Seal your magickal documents or offerings with confidence, knowing that the Blood of the Magickian holds the power to manifest your desires.

Unveil the hidden potential of your magickal practice with Blood of the Magickian - Dragon's Blood Resin Ink, an enchanting fusion of ancient mysticism and modern magick. Elevate your rituals, spells, and manifestations to new heights with this extraordinary ink, and watch as the forces of the unseen align with your deepest intentions.

Note: This product is intended for magickal and ritual use. Please exercise caution and respect when working with magickal tools and energies.


  • Homemade Dragon's Blood Ink infused with Aleister Crowley's oil of Abramelin.


DISCLAIMER: These items are sold as curiosities only. Do not ingest. Will stain products, body and clothing. Handle with care.

Our products are not for medical use and we do not claim that they replace medical treatment.

We do not guarantee the results in spellwork and magick.

By purchasing this item, you guarantee that you have read this disclaimer and understand the use of this item.

  • Toxicity: False
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